The National Gallery of London

London, United Kingdom.

The National Gallery London which opened its doors in 1824 (on another location) is an art gallery in London, located on the north side of Trafalgar Square. It houses Western European paintings from 1250 to 1900 from the national art collection of Great Britain.
The collection of 2,300 paintings belongs to the British public, and entry to the main collection is free.

Despite having been founded without an existing royal collection on which to build, the National Gallery has grown to be a collection of international renown. It was shaped mainly by its early directors, including Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, and by private donations, which comprise two thirds of the collection.

Although small in comparison with other national art collections such as the Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery is notable for covering a broad art-historical scope with paintings of consistently high quality, making it possible to trace every major development in Western painting from the Early Renaissance to the Post-impressionists through its collection. The Gallery's 19th-century origins have, however, resulted in particularly strong holdings of the Italian and Dutch schools, while historically it was slow on the uptake of modern art.

Repromasters developed one life-size replica of the Toilet of Venus by Velazques Diego (1599 - 1660) for a client in Israel. It was a special request and the reproduction process was greatly assisted by the Picture Library of the National Gallery.

Repromasters can make a formal request for you to a make a replica of any work (mainly paintings) of art from the National Gallery London.

Read the enthusiastic response from one of our customers:

Dr. Yael  &  Daniel A.  K A H N

Dear Mr. Spruit ,

The reproduction of the Rokeby Venus by Velasquez arrived safely today .

It is very  B E A U T I F U L .  It was worthwhile waiting ……

Thank you for your efforts and I hope that this will start a profitable ( to you ) relationship with the National Gallery in London .

Do you have a catalogue or list of all the reproductions that you developed  until now and are on sale ?

We are now the owners of two of your works and might be interested in buying other reproductions.

All the best to you.

Yael and Daniel Kahn