Museum Geelvinck

We regret to inform you that the Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis closed its doors permanently in December 2015. Pictures of the Museum remain in this section. The works of art are in a depot. REPROMASTERS maintains contacts with the former owners of the museum in the case of your interets in Repromasters reproductions:

"Hunter with dogs" "Egbert van Drielst"
Width: 127.2 cm,
Height: 297.0 cm.
"Tradesman with donkey"
"Egbert van Drielst"
Width: 131.5 cm,
Height: 297.4 cm.
"Man and woman, sitting and laying"
"Egbert van Drielst"
Width: 129.9 cm,
Height: 297.5 cm.
"The Fisherman"
"Egbert van Drielst"
Width: 232.0 cm,
Height: 297.2 cm.

"Sheppard on horseback speaking to woman"
"Egbert van Drielst"
Width: 263.2 cm, Height: 298.1 cm.

A building from the Glory of the Dutch Golden Age on the Golden Bend. This canal-side mansion was once the home of Albert Geelvinck and his wife Sara Hinlopen, who had it built in 1687, together with the coach house on the Keizersgracht.

The construction of the house was a sign of wealth and prosperity, and crowned the marriage that the couple had entered into seven years earlier. The museum opened its doors in the nineteen eighties till December 2015

Life-size and small replica's of the famous Egbert van Drielst (1745-1818) wall paintings are available with Repromasters.

Some impressions of the Geelvick Hinlopen Huis

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