Collection Six, House of Six

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jan Six, Lord Mayor of Amsterdam, born in 1618 and scion of a noble family originating from the southern Netherlands (now northern France) with ancestry going back to around the year 600, spent the years between 1639 and 1641 on a Grand Tour of Italy.

By the time he returned, he had gained a greater appreciation and profounder knowledge of painting, as evidenced by his close friendship with Rembrandt van Rijn. In 1654, Rembrandt painted a colourful, extraordinary portrait of his friend Jan, which today is generally regarded to be one of his masterpieces. Ten generations later another Jan Six and his wife remain true to the family’s art tradition.

This same Rembrandt created the Six monogram in 1648 for Jan Six’ play Medea, which has subsequently served as the family’s sign of identity to this very day. The collection today comprises some 100,000 items, including:

  • paintings by Bruegel, Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Potter, Cuyp, Ruysdael and Saenredam (height: 58.8 cm. x width: 41.6 cm, limited edition life-size replicas becoming available)
  • sculptures by Quellinus and Marrot
  • silverware by Lutma and Vianen and
  • furniture from various periods including the Golden Age, Louis XVI and Empire

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